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Book cover: Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management

Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management

ISSN: 0732-1317
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Subject Area: Sociology and Public Policy

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Chapter 11 Public administration Singapore-style

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Title:Chapter 11 Public administration Singapore-style
Author(s):Jon S.T. Quah
Volume:19 Editor(s): Jon S.T. Quah ISBN: 978-1-84950-924-4 eISBN: 978-1-84950-925-1
Citation:Jon S.T. Quah (2010), Chapter 11 Public administration Singapore-style, in Jon S.T. Quah (ed.) Public Administration Singapore-style (Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management, Volume 19), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.237-256
DOI:10.1108/S0732-1317(2010)0000019016 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Article type:Chapter Item

The World Bank relies on six indicators to assess the level of governance in 212 countries from 1996 to 2008. However, for this chapter, only two indicators – government effectiveness and control of corruption – are discussed here as they are more relevant than the other four indicators of voice and accountability, political stability, regulatory quality, and rule of law. “Government effectiveness” refers to:the quality of public service provision, the quality of the bureaucracy, the competence of civil servants, the independence of the civil service from political pressures, and the credibility of the government's commitment to policies. (Kaufmann et al., 2004, p. 3)

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