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Book cover: Advances in Public Interest Accounting

Advances in Public Interest Accounting

ISSN: 1041-7060
Series editor(s): Professor Cheryl Lehman

Subject Area: Accounting and Finance

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Book Series

Volumes available: 9

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Volume List
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16 Volume 16 Managing Reality: Accountability and the Miasma of Private and Public Domains, 2013
15 Volume 15 Ethics, Equity, and Regulation, 2010
14 Volume 14 Extending Schumacher's Concept of Total Accounting and Accountability into the 21st Century, 2009
13 Volume 13 Envisioning a New Accountability, 2007
12 Volume 12 Independent Accounts, 2006
11 Volume 11 Corporate Governance: Does Any Size Fit?, 2005
10 Volume 10 Re-Inventing Realities, 2004
9 Volume 9 Mirrors and Prisms Interrogating Accounting, 2002
8 Volume 8 Advances in Accountability: Regulation, Research, Gender and Justice, 2001