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Book cover: Diversity in Higher Education

Diversity in Higher Education

ISSN: 1479-3644
Series editor(s): Professor Henry T. Frierson

Subject Area: Education

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Book Series

Volumes available: 12

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Volume List
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15 Volume 15 Maori and Pasifika Higher Education Horizons, 2014
14 Volume 14 Seeding Success in Indigenous Australian Higher Education, 2013
13 Volume 13 Latino College Presidents: In Their Own Words, 2013
12 Volume 12 Black Female Undergraduates on Campus: Successes and Challenges, 2012
11 Volume 11 Beyond Stock Stories and Folktales: African Americans' Paths to STEM Fields, 2011
10 Volume 10 Women of Color in Higher Education: Changing Directions and New Perspectives, 2011
9 Volume 9 Women of Color in Higher Education: Turbulent Past, Promising Future, 2011
8 Volume 8 Support Systems and Services for Diverse Populations: Considering the Intersection of Race, Gender, and the Needs of Black Female Undergraduates, 2011
7 Volume 7 Black American Males in Higher Education: Research, Programs and Academe, 2009
6 Volume 6 Black American Males in Higher Education: Diminishing Proportions, 2009
5 Volume 5 Lessons in Leadership, 2005
4 Volume 4 Beyond Small Numbers, 2005