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Book cover: Advances in Educational Administration

Advances in Educational Administration

ISSN: 1479-3660
Series editor(s): Anthony H. Normore, Ph.D.

Subject Area: Education

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Book Series

Volumes available: 15

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Volume List
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20 Volume 20 Collective Efficacy, 2013
19 Volume 19 Understanding the Principalship: An International Guide to Principal Preparation, 2013
18 Volume 18 Identifying Leaders for Urban Charter, Autonomous and Independent Schools: Above and Beyond the Standards, 2013
17 Volume 17 Successful School Leadership Preparation and Development, 2012
16 Volume 16 Transforming Learning Environments: Strategies to Shape the Next Generation, 2012
15 Volume 15 The Management and Leadership of Educational Marketing: Research, Practice and Applications, 2012
14 Volume 14 Global Leadership for Social Justice: Taking it from the Field to Practice, 2012
13 Volume 13 Discretionary Behavior and Performance in Educational Organizations: The Missing Link in Educational Leadership and Management, 2012
12 Volume 12 Leadership in Education, Corrections and Law Enforcement: A Commitment to Ethics, Equity and Excellence, 2011
11 Volume 11 Global Perspectives on Educational Leadership Reform: The Development and Preparation of Leaders of Learning and Learners of Leadership, 2010
10 Volume 10 Teaching Leaders to Lead Teachers, 2007
9 Volume 9 No Child Left Behind and other Federal Programs for Urban School Districts, 2006
8 Volume 8 Technology and Education: Issues in Administration, Policy, and Applications in K12 Schools, 2006
7 Volume 7 Administering Special Education: In Pursuit of Dignity and Autonomy, 2004
6 Volume 6 Challenges of Urban Education and Efficacy of School Reform, 2002