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Book cover: Advances in Research on Teaching

Advances in Research on Teaching

ISSN: 1479-3687
Series editor(s): Dr Stefinee Pinnegar

Subject Area: Education

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Book Series

Volumes available: 13

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Volume List
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20 Volume 20 Innovations in Science Teacher Education in the Asia Pacific, 2014
19 Volume 19 From Teacher Thinking to Teachers and Teaching: The Evolution of a Research Community, 2013
18 Volume 18 Emotion and School: Understanding how the Hidden Curriculum Influences Relationships, Leadership, Teaching, and Learning, 2013
17 Volume 17 Warrior Women: Remaking Postsecondary Places through Relational Narrative Inquiry, 2012
16 Volume 16 Narrative Inquirers in the Midst of Meaning-making: Interpretive Acts of Teacher Educators, 2012
15 Volume 15 Adolescent Boys' Literate Identity, 2011
14 Volume 14 Places of Curriculum Making, 2011
13 Volume 13 Narrative Inquiries into Curriculum Making in Teacher Education, 2011
12 Volume 12 Tensions in Teacher Preparation: Accountability, Assessment, and Accreditation, 2010
11 Volume 11 Learning from Research on Teaching: Perspective, Methodology, and Representation, 2005
10 Volume 10 Using Video in Teacher Education, 2003
9 Volume 9 Social Constructivist Teaching: Affordances and Constraints, 2002
8 Volume 8 Subject-specific instructional methods and activities, 2001