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Book cover: Advances in International Management

Advances in International Management

ISSN: 1571-5027
Series editor(s): Timothy Devinney, Torben Pedersen and Laszlo Tihanyi

Subject Area: International Business

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Book Series

Volumes available: 13

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Volume List
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27 Volume 27 Orchestration of the Global Network Organization, 2014
26 Volume 26 Philosophy of Science and Meta-Knowledge in International Business and Management, 2013
25 Volume 25 Institutional Theory in International Business and Management, 2012
24 Volume 24 Dynamics of Globalization: Location-Specific Advantages or Liabilities of Foreignness?, 2011
23 Volume 23 The Past, Present and Future of International Business & Management, 2010
22 Volume 22 Managing, Subsidiary Dynamics: Headquarters Role, Capability Development, and China Strategy, 2009
21 Volume 21 The Global Diffusion of Human Resource Practices: Institutional and Cultural Limits, 2008
20 Volume 20 Product and Market Development for Subsistence Marketplaces, 2007
19 Volume 19 The Global Mindset, 2007
18 Volume 18 Managing Multinational Teams: Global Perspectives, 2005
17 Volume 17 Japanese Firms in Transition: Responding to the Globalization Challenge, 2004
16 Volume 16 "Theories of the Multinational Enterprise: Diversity, Complexity and Relevance", 2004
15 Volume 15 Managing Multinationals in a Knowledge Economy: Economics, Culture, 2003