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Book cover: Library and Information Science

Library and Information Science

ISSN: 1876-0562
Series editor(s): Professor Jens-Erik Mai

Subject Area: Library and Information Studies

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Book Series

Volumes available: 19

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Volume List
  Access Volume Title
9 Volume 9 Information Experience, 2014
8 Volume 8 Developing People’s Information Capabilities, 2013
7 Volume 7 New Directions in Information Organization, 2013
6 Volume 6 Library and Information Science Trends and Research: Europe, 2012
5 Volume 5 Social Information Research, 2012
4 Volume 4 Web Search Engine Research, 2012
2 Volume 2 Library and Information Science Trends and Research: Asia-Oceania, 2012
1 Volume 1 New Directions in Information Behaviour, 2011
05 Volume 05 Power Laws in the Information Production Process: Lotkaian Informetrics, 2005
04 Volume 04 Link Analysis: An Information Science Approach, 2004
02 Volume 02 Understanding Reference Transactions: Transforming an Art into a Science, 2002
01 Volume 01 Models for Library Management, Decision Making and Planning, 2001
97B Volume 97B Communicating Research, 1997
97A Volume 97A Automated Information Retrieval: Theory and Methods, 1997
96 Volume 96 Information Tasks: Toward a User-centered Approach to Information Systems, 1996
94B Volume 94B Using Subject Headings for Online Retrieval: Theory, Practice and Potential, 1994
94A Volume 94A Information Services for Innovative Organizations, 1994
91B Volume 91B Operations Research for Libraries and Information Agencies: Techniques for the Evaluation of Management Decision Alternatives, 1991
91A Volume 91A Library Technical Services: Operations and Management, 1991