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Book cover: Advances in Ecopolitics

Advances in Ecopolitics

ISSN: 2041-806X
Series editor(s): Liam Leonard
Currently published as: Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice

Subject Area: Environmental Management/Environment

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Book Series

Volumes available: 10

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Volume List
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10 Volume 10 Transnational Migration, Gender and Rights, 2012
9 Volume 9 Enterprising Communities: Grassroots Sustainability Innovations, 2012
8 Volume 8 Sustainable Politics and the Crisis of the Peripheries: Ireland and Greece, 2011
7 Volume 7 Community Campaigns for Sustainable Living: Health, Waste & Protest in Civil Society, 2011
6 Volume 6 Sustainable Justice and the Community, 2010
5 Volume 5 Global Ecological Politics, 2010
4 Volume 4 The Transition to Sustainable Living and Practice, 2009
3 Volume 3 Special Edition: Financial Crisis - Environmental Crisis: What is the Link?, 2009
2 Volume 2 Advances in Ecopolitics, 2008
1 Volume 1 Utopias, Ecotopias and Green Communities: Exploring the Activism, Settlements and Living Patterns of Green Idealists, 2007