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Title ISSN Type
Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing 1069-0964 Book series
Advances in International Marketing 1474-7979 Book series
Arts Marketing: An International Journal 2044-2084 Journal
Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics 1355-5855 Journal
Corporate Communications: An International Journal 1356-3289 Journal
Direct Marketing: An International Journal 1750-5933 Journal
European Journal of Marketing 0309-0566 Journal
International Journal of Bank Marketing 0265-2323 Journal
International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing 1750-6123 Journal
International Journal of Wine Business Research 1751-1062 Journal
International Journal of Wine Marketing 0954-7541 Journal
International Marketing Review 0265-1335 Journal
Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing 0885-8624 Journal
Journal of Communication Management 1363-254X Journal
Journal of Consumer Marketing 0736-3761 Journal
Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management 1361-2026 Journal
Journal of Historical Research in Marketing 1755-750X Journal
Journal of Islamic Marketing 1759-0833 Journal
Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science 1355-2538 Journal
Journal of Product & Brand Management 1061-0421 Journal
Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 2040-7122 Journal
Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship 1471-5201 Journal
Journal of Services Marketing 0887-6045 Journal
Journal of Social Marketing 2042-6763 Journal
Marketing Intelligence & Planning 0263-4503 Journal
Pricing Strategy and Practice 0968-4905 Journal
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal 1352-2752 Journal
Research in Consumer Behavior 0885-2111 Book series
Review of Marketing Research 1548-6435 Book series
Young Consumers: Insight and Ideas for Responsible Marketers 1747-3616 Journal