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Sociology and Public Policy

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Title ISSN Type
Advances in Gender Research 1529-2126 Book series
Advances in Group Processes 0882-6145 Book series
Advances in Medical Sociology 1057-6290 Book series
Comparative Social Research 0195-6310 Book series
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research 1530-3535 Book series
Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development 1572-8323 Book series
Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management 2045-7944 Book series
Current Perspectives in Social Theory 0278-1204 Book series
International Journal of Leadership in Public Services, The 1747-9886 Journal
Political Power and Social Theory 0198-8719 Book series
Progress in Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology 0363-0951 Book series
Research in Biopolitics 2042-9940 Book series
Research in Economic Anthropology 0190-1281 Book series
Research in Political Economy 0161-7230 Book series
Research in Political Sociology 0895-9935 Book series
Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management 0732-1317 Book series
Research in Race and Ethnic Relations 0195-7449 Book series
Research in Rural Sociology and Development 1057-1922 Book series
Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change 0163-786X Book series
Research in Social Problems and Public Policy 0196-1152 Book series
Research in Social Science and Disability 1479-3547 Book series
Research in the Sociology of Sport 1476-2854 Book series
Research in the Sociology of Work 0277-2833 Book series
Research in Urban Policy 1479-3520 Book series
Research in Urban Sociology 1047-0042 Book series
Sociological Studies of Children and Youth 1537-4661 Book series
Sociology of Crime Law and Deviance 1521-6136 Book series
Studies in Communications 0275-7982 Book series
Studies in Law, Politics, and Society 1059-4337 Book series
Studies in Media and Communications 2050-2060 Book series
Studies in Public and Non-Profit Governance 2051-6630 Book series
Studies in Qualitative Methodology 1042-3192 Book series
Studies in Symbolic Interaction 0163-2396 Book series