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Title ISSN Type
Campus-Wide Information Systems 1065-0741 Journal
Career Development International 1362-0436 Journal
China Agricultural Economic Review 1756-137X Journal
China Finance Review International 2044-1398 Journal
Chinese Management Studies 1750-614X Journal
Circuit World 0305-6120 Journal
Clinical Governance: An International Journal 1477-7274 Journal
Clinical Performance and Quality Healthcare 1063-0279 Journal
Collection Building 0160-4953 Journal
Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management 2040-7262 Book series
Comparative Social Research 0195-6310 Book series
COMPEL: The International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 0332-1649 Journal
Competitiveness Review 1059-5422 Journal
Construction Innovation: Information, Process, Management 1471-4175 Journal
Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research 2040-7246 Book series
Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research 1530-3535 Book series
Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis 1569-3759 Book series
Contributions to Conflict Management, Peace Economics and Development 1572-8323 Book series
Contributions to Economic Analysis 0573-8555 Book series
Corporate Communications: An International Journal 1356-3289 Journal
Corporate Governance 1472-0701 Journal
critical perspectives on international business 1742-2043 Journal
Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management 2045-7944 Book series
Critical Studies on Corporate Responsibility, Governance and Sustainability 2043-9059 Book series
Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal 1352-7606 Journal
Current Perspectives in Social Theory 0278-1204 Book series
Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education 2044-9968 Book series