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Journal cover: Journal of Management in Medicine

Journal of Management in Medicine

ISSN: 0268-9235
Currently published as: Journal of Health Organization and Management
Incorporates: Health Manpower Management

Online from: 1986

Subject Area: Health Care Management/Healthcare

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The managerial and clinical implications of patient-focused care

Document Information:
Title:The managerial and clinical implications of patient-focused care
Author(s):Keith Hurst, (Nuffield Institute for Health, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK)
Citation:Keith Hurst, (1996) "The managerial and clinical implications of patient-focused care", Journal of Management in Medicine, Vol. 10 Iss: 3, pp.59 - 77
Keywords:Centralization, Costs, Hospitals, Multi-skilling, Teams, Training
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/02689239610122324 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Discusses five elements of patient-focused care (PFC). Clarifies issues surrounding the first element - aggregating patients - and debates the strengths and weaknesses of the second element - centralizing services in PFC units. Explores arguments for and against the third element - multiskilling and cross-training - including staff activity in conventional hospitals and PFC units, in depth. Discusses the structure of PFC teams and their management. Describes the main components of the fourth PFC element - integrated carepaths - and explores their role in clinical audit, computerization and seamless care. Examines the costs of PFC by comparing actual with expected costs. Makes managerial, clinical, educational and research implications throughout for staff working in or with PFC units.

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