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Journal cover: Journal of Managerial Psychology

Journal of Managerial Psychology

ISSN: 0268-3946

Online from: 1986

Subject Area: Human Resource Management

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Examining the impression management orientation of managers

Document Information:
Title:Examining the impression management orientation of managers
Author(s):Richard J. Palmer, (Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois, USA), Robert B. Welker, (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois, USA), Terry L. Campbell, (TEAM International, Carouge, Switzerland), Nace R. Magner, (Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA)
Citation:Richard J. Palmer, Robert B. Welker, Terry L. Campbell, Nace R. Magner, (2001) "Examining the impression management orientation of managers", Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 16 Iss: 1, pp.35 - 49
Keywords:Management styles, Middle management, Organizational philosophy, Self-development, Top management
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/02683940110366588 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:The motive to manage impressions has been broken down into protective and acquisitive orientations. A protective orientation exists when an individual is concerned primarily with encountering disapproval, rather than approval, from the relevant audience. An acquisitive orientation exists when an individual is concerned primarily with obtaining approval from the audience. This study tests the proposition that organizational managers have primarily an acquisitive orientation. The affective sentiments of 95 international middle- and upper-level business managers toward their organization, its leaders, and its business control mechanisms were compared with their perceptions of the acquisitiveness and protectiveness of their work environment. The results indicate that affective sentiments of managers are correlated with the acquisitiveness, but not the protectiveness, of the work environment, supporting the notion that managers have primarily an acquisitive orientation.

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