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Journal cover: Library Management

Library Management

ISSN: 0143-5124
Incorporates: Librarian Career Development

Online from: 1979

Subject Area: Library and Information Studies

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Digital libraries in the knowledge era: Knowledge management and Semantic Web technologies

Document Information:
Title:Digital libraries in the knowledge era: Knowledge management and Semantic Web technologies
Author(s):Miltiadis Lytras, (ELTRUN Research Center, Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece), Miguel-Angel Sicilia, (Computer Science Department, University of Alcalá, Barcelona, Spain), John Davies, (BTExact Next Generation Web Research, Ipswich, UK), Vipul Kashyap, (Partners HealthCare System, Clinical Informatics R&D, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA)
Citation:Miltiadis Lytras, Miguel-Angel Sicilia, John Davies, Vipul Kashyap, (2005) "Digital libraries in the knowledge era: Knowledge management and Semantic Web technologies", Library Management, Vol. 26 Iss: 4/5, pp.170 - 175
Keywords:Digital libraries, Information networks, Internet
Article type:Viewpoint
DOI:10.1108/01435120510596026 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Purpose – The aim of this paper is to introduce the special issue on the Semantic Web. Intensive research has been undertaken worldwide in research centres and several achievements have been accomplished towards the ultimate objective: the expression and the exploitation of humanity's collective knowledge.

Design/methodology/approach – A multi-fold strategy for the preparation of this special issue was deployed. Given the special characteristics, a balanced mix of introductory papers to the topic, and also advanced research papers at the leading edge of Semantic Web evolution, were selected.

Findings – The paper summarizes the articles of the issue and also provides help in understanding the Semantic Web Roadmap of Digital Libraries.

Originality/value – Introduces the papers in the special issue.

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