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Journal cover: International Journal of Manpower

International Journal of Manpower

ISSN: 0143-7720

Online from: 1980

Subject Area: Economics

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Manpower Planning in Developing Countries: Status, Criticisms and Lessons

Document Information:
Title:Manpower Planning in Developing Countries: Status, Criticisms and Lessons
Author(s):Garth Mangum, (University of Utah, USA), Stephen Magnum, (Ohio State University, USA), MacLeans Geo-JaJa, (University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria)
Citation:Garth Mangum, Stephen Magnum, MacLeans Geo-JaJa, (1987) "Manpower Planning in Developing Countries: Status, Criticisms and Lessons", International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 8 Iss: 4, pp.5 - 12
Article type:General review
DOI:10.1108/eb045131 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:In an earlier issue of this journal we compared international experiences in manpower planning at the national level. We offered a matrix of planning approaches (Figure 1), a typology of the politico-economic systems in which such planning has occurred (not repeated here) and a conceptual framework classifying the objectives and approaches of various countries by stage of economic development (Figure 2). We promised a subsequent article drawing lessons from planning experience which might contribute to improving the international manpower planning process. This, belatedly, is that follow-up article. In it we review the status of manpower planning in developed, newly industrialising and labour-short, less developed countries (LDCs). Then we report criticisms which have been levelled at national manpower planning in labour-surplus LDCs, explain what we see to be the reasons for what has been criticised, identify lessons and make recommendations which we believe will skirt many of the problems identified.

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