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Journal cover: Facilities


ISSN: 0263-2772

Online from: 1983

Subject Area: Built Environment

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Infrastructure asset: developing maintenance management capability

Document Information:
Title:Infrastructure asset: developing maintenance management capability
Author(s):Eric Too, (School of Urban Development, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)
Citation:Eric Too, (2012) "Infrastructure asset: developing maintenance management capability", Facilities, Vol. 30 Iss: 5/6, pp.234 - 253
Keywords:Assets management, Capability, Economic value analysis, Infrastructure, Maintenance, Maintenance programmes
Article type:Case study
DOI:10.1108/02632771211208503 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Purpose – Maintenance management is a core process in infrastructure asset management. Infrastructure organisations must constantly strive to ensure the effectiveness of this process in order to obtain the greatest lifetime value from their infrastructure assets. This paper aims to investigate how infrastructure organisations can enhance the effectiveness of their maintenance management process.

Design/methodology/approach – This study utilised multiple case studies as the research approach. The case organisations were asked to identify the challenges faced in the maintenance process and the approaches they have adopted to overcome these challenges. Analysis of these findings, together with deductive reasoning, leads to the development of the proposed capability needed for effective maintenance management process.

Findings – The case studies reveal that maintenance management is a core process in ensuring that infrastructure assets are optimally and functionally available to support business operations. However, the main challenge is the lack of skilled and experienced personnel to understand and anticipate maintenance requirement. A second challenge is the reduced window of time available to carry out inspection and maintenance works. To overcome these challenges, the case organisations have invested in technologies. However, technologies available to facilitate this process are complex and constantly changing. Consequently, there is a need for infrastructure organisations to develop their technology absorptive capability, i.e. the ability to embrace and capitalise on new technologies to enhance their maintenance management process.

Originality/value – The paper provides an in-depth analysis of three case studies that reveal that an infrastructure organisation cannot avoid the need to introduce technologies to monitor the condition of its assets and to predict when assets will fail. It suggests that organisations must be proactive in searching for the best technologies for their purpose.

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