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Journal cover: Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics

ISSN: 1355-5855

Online from: 1989

Subject Area: Marketing

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Achieving at university and beyond: does it help to be good looking?

Document Information:
Title:Achieving at university and beyond: does it help to be good looking?
Author(s):Nives Zubcevic, (Department of Marketing and Operations Management, Swinburne University, Hawthorn, Australia), Felix Mavondo, (Department of Marketing, Monash University, Caulfield East, Australia), Sandra Luxton, (School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)
Citation:Nives Zubcevic, Felix Mavondo, Sandra Luxton, (2012) "Achieving at university and beyond: does it help to be good looking?", Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 24 Iss: 5, pp.785 - 804
Keywords:Academic achievement, Australia, Ethnic groups, Ethnic identity, Gender, Personality, Physical attractiveness, Social acceptance, Success, Universities
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/13555851211278259 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Purpose – The purpose of this study is to examine the associations between attitudes to academic achievement and post university success using perceptions of attractiveness, gender, ethnic identity, personality, and social acceptance as antecedents.

Design/methodology/approach – An online questionnaire was completed by male (N=116) and female (N=126) university students from various cultural backgrounds. To evaluate the proposed relationships, multiple regression analysis was used.

Findings – The findings suggest that attractiveness is related to attitudes to academic achievement and success through its association with social appeal and acceptance. Ethnic identity is also related to both academic achievement and post university success. Personality is not positively related to academic achievement. Finally, social acceptance is positively related to academic achievement for males and to success for females.

Research limitations/implications – Whilst the survey targeted students from various cultural backgrounds studying in Australia, it did not look at university students from other countries. A cross-cultural perspective could reveal further differences in attitudes.

Originality/value – This study links attractiveness and academic achievement theories. The findings have implications for tertiary institutions and suggest academics and policy-makers to vigorously promote core personality and values such as intelligence, communication skills, and sincerity, rather than allow superficial values such as attractiveness to be placed at the centre stage of students' endeavour.

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