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Journal cover: Industrial Management & Data Systems

Industrial Management & Data Systems

ISSN: 0263-5577

Online from: 1970

Subject Area: Information and Knowledge Management

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IOS adoption in innovation networks: a case study

Document Information:
Title:IOS adoption in innovation networks: a case study
Author(s):Giselle Rampersad, (School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics, Flinders University, Bedford Park, Australia), Indrit Troshani, (The University of Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia), Carolin Plewa, (The University of Adelaide Business School, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia)
Citation:Giselle Rampersad, Indrit Troshani, Carolin Plewa, (2012) "IOS adoption in innovation networks: a case study", Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 112 Iss: 9, pp.1366 - 1382
Keywords:Adoption, Communication, Innovation, Inter-organizational systems, Networks, Organizational culture, Organizational innovation
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/02635571211278974 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Purpose – Given the increased importance of inter-organizational networks in fostering innovation, the purpose of this paper is to isolate drivers of the adoption of inter-organizational systems (IOS) that support innovation processes.

Design/methodology/approach – Based on qualitative research incorporating a focus group and in-depth interviews, a network framework is provided for understanding key drivers concerning IOS adoption.

Findings – The research uncovers factors for facilitating coordination and communication efficiencies and outlines the roles that trust and commitment can play in managing innovation within networks through IOS use.

Research limitations/implications – To enhance our understanding of innovations that are entrenched in networks of heterogeneous actors, this research contributes by employing an interdisciplinary approach as it applies network and relationships marketing literatures to the IOS adoption in innovation settings.

Originality/value – The paper advances theory development on innovation management and technology adoption by offering a network framework, a shift from extant literature's predominant focus on individual and organizational levels.

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