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Journal cover: Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management

Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management

ISSN: 2040-8005

Online from: 2010

Subject Area: Human Resource Management

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Theoretical contexts of managing people in emerging Chinese multinational enterprises

Document Information:
Title:Theoretical contexts of managing people in emerging Chinese multinational enterprises
Author(s):Connie Zheng, (Graduate School of Business, Deakin University, Burwood, Australia)
Citation:Connie Zheng, (2013) "Theoretical contexts of managing people in emerging Chinese multinational enterprises", Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management, Vol. 4 Iss: 1, pp.58 - 76
Keywords:Emerging multinational enterprises (EMNs), Human resource management, Institutional theory, International human resource management, Multinational companies, Organizational theory, Resource-based view
Article type:Literature review
DOI:10.1108/JCHRM-10-2012-0023 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Acknowledgements:The author would like to express her thanks to Professor Greg Wang, Editor of JCHRM, who provided patient and professional guidance in refining this paper. Comments from two anonymous reviewers are also acknowledged. All errors nonetheless remain with the author.

Purpose – This article aims at reviewing existing theories relevant to human resource management (HRM) and providing theoretical contexts to explain the importance of managing people across borders for emerging Chinese multinational enterprises (MNEs).

Design/methodology/approach – Based on a literature review approach, the author examines the phenomenon of emerging Chinese MNEs from the lenses of three streams of theories: organisation-based view; resource-based view; and institution-based view.

Findings – Existing theories offer sufficient insights to explore differences between emerging and established MNEs, particularly in strategic international HRM research. First, Chinese EMNEs were driven to internationalising by different motives, thus creating impact on the strategic choice and global HRM policy consideration. Second, Chinese EMNEs are operating under constantly changing institutional environments, both at home and in host countries. As a result, they are required to balance and rebalance the choices made in formulating and implementing IHRM strategies. Third, there will be different internationalisation outcomes pursued by Chinese EMNEs. Therefore, IHRM policies and practices are to achieve individual, organisational and societal well-being.

Research limitations/implications – The article has important implications for HRM theory and research. It may lead to developing relevant analytical frameworks for future research in Chinese human resource management. It is also beneficial to understand the formation and implementation of HRM policy and practices in EMNEs originated not only in China, but in other developing countries.

Originality/value – This article contributes to the international HRM literature in relation to Chinese emerging MNEs from a theoretical perspective. Synthesizing existing core theories with examples from Chinese MNEs, it proposes future research directions for analysing further development of such enterprises.

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