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Journal cover: Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

ISSN: 0258-0543

Online from: 2002

Subject Area: Strategy

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Leaders are made not born: Essentials steps in leadership development

Document Information:
Title:Leaders are made not born: Essentials steps in leadership development
Source:Strategic Direction, Vol. 24 Iss: 4
pp:10 - 13
Keywords:Leadership, Mentoring, Psychology
Article type:Viewpoint
DOI:10.1108/02580540810860805 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited

PurposeThe purpose of this paper is to review the latest management developments across the globe and pinpoints practical implications from cutting-edge research and case studies.

Design/methodology/approach:This briefing is prepared by an independent writer who adds their own impartial comments and places the articles in context.

FindingsThe world's top corporations share a key element in their success: a keen understanding of the value of top-notch leadership. Until recently the concept of leadership was shrouded in a great deal of mystique, leading to the common perception that somehow, certain individuals were just singled out for leadership. In other words, leaders were born to lead and the trick of effective management was to discover one of these “born leaders” and hire him (for leaders were usually assumed to be men) before the competition did. Fortunately today an enhanced understanding of educational and developmental psychology has helped to unravel many myths and suppositions about leadership. One of these was the spurious idea that while management techniques could be learned through experience and education, leadership could not be taught.

Practical implicationsProvides strategic insights and practical thinking that have influenced some of the world's leading organizations.

Originality/valueThe briefing saves busy executives and researchers hours of reading time by selecting only the very best, most pertinent information and presenting it in a condensed and easy-to-digest format.

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