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Journal cover: Library Hi Tech

Library Hi Tech

ISSN: 0737-8831

Online from: 1983

Subject Area: Library and Information Studies

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The diffuse library revisited: aligning the library as strategic asset

Document Information:
Title:The diffuse library revisited: aligning the library as strategic asset
Author(s):Wendy Lougee, (University Libraries, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
Citation:Wendy Lougee, (2009) "The diffuse library revisited: aligning the library as strategic asset", Library Hi Tech, Vol. 27 Iss: 4, pp.610 - 623
Keywords:Assets, Case studies, Libraries, United States of America
Article type:Case study
DOI:10.1108/07378830911007718 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Acknowledgements:This study originally took the form of a keynote speech given at the 9th International Bielefeld Conference, Bielefeld, Germany, 3-5 February 2009.

Purpose – This paper sets out to explore the shifts in roles evident in the research library community, with illustrative case studies from the University of Minnesota Libraries.

Design/methodology/approach – The approach takes the form of a review of environmental forces that are fueling changes in research methodologies and scholar behavior. Changes in research library roles are explored in the context of three case studies, highlighting new forms of engagement with the scholar community.

Findings – Three University of Minnesota Libraries' initiatives illustrate: the use of behavioral data to design a customized discovery environment for scholarship, new organizational constructs to engage the community in issues related to control of scholarship, and strategies to develop a virtual community in the field of bioethics.

Originality/value – The paper presents the original perspective of a University Librarian of a large research library and draws on earlier analyses of research behaviors, technology, and research library roles.

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