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Journal cover: Journal of Historical Research in Marketing

Journal of Historical Research in Marketing

ISSN: 1755-750X

Online from: 2009

Subject Area: Marketing

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Reading Professor David D. Monieson: Humanism, pluralism, and intellectualization

Document Information:
Title:Reading Professor David D. Monieson: Humanism, pluralism, and intellectualization
Author(s):Mark Tadajewski, (School of Management, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK)
Citation:Mark Tadajewski, (2010) "Reading Professor David D. Monieson: Humanism, pluralism, and intellectualization", Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, Vol. 2 Iss: 2, pp.227 - 237
Keywords:Critical marketing, History, Marketing philosophy, Marketing theory
Article type:Viewpoint
DOI:10.1108/17557501011042579 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present a selective survey of Professor Monieson's work, using the philosophy and sociology of science as a prism.

Design/methodology/approach – The approach taken is a historical review.

Findings – Monieson was an important figure in the development of marketing thought, whose research should be read by marketing scholars and students alike.

Practical implications – The paper introduces Monieson's advanced epistemological and axiological reflections to an audience who might be unaware of his contributions. In addition, it connects Monieson's writings with issues and debates central to the history of marketing thought, namely the first paradigm debate stimulated by the German Historicist School.

Originality/value – This paper examines and interprets Monieson's somewhat difficult work for a new audience; and connects the work of a managerially minded scholar with emerging debates in critical marketing studies.

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