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Education + Training

ISSN: 0040-0912

Online from: 1959

Subject Area: Education

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Maximizing the hospitality management student work placement experience: a case study

Document Information:
Title:Maximizing the hospitality management student work placement experience: a case study
Author(s):Una McMahon, (Placement Tutor and a Lecturer in Hotel and Tourism Management at the Magee College Campus, University of Ulster, Londonderry, Northern Ireland), Ursula Quinn, (Placement Tutor and a Lecturer in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Jordanstown Campus, University of Ulster, School of Leisure and Tourism, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland)
Citation:Una McMahon, Ursula Quinn, (1995) "Maximizing the hospitality management student work placement experience: a case study", Education + Training, Vol. 37 Iss: 4, pp.13 - 17
Keywords:Hospitality industry, Management development, Partnering, Work experience
Article type:Case study
DOI:10.1108/00400919510088870 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Placement is an important component of third level hospitality management programmes and is one of the most vital experiences on which graduates base their career aspirations. The effect of changing demographics on the workforce is likely to have an impact on the way hospitality employers recruit and retain managers. At present, however, significant numbers of graduates are turning their backs on the industry. The onus is on educators and industry to ensure that the placement experience is as rewarding as possible. Presents a developing model of good practice based on the tripartite relationship between the University of Ulster, the student and Ryan Hotels. Demonstrates the need for colleges to build up successful relationships with individual companies and calls on colleges to invest the necessary resources in the placement function. Companies must develop a professional attitude towards placement and students should be positive and forthright in their attitude to the whole process.

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