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Journal cover: International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy

ISSN: 0144-333X

Online from: 1981

Subject Area: Industry and Public Sector Management

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The old boys’ network today

Document Information:
Title:The old boys’ network today
Author(s):Michelle Gamba, Brian H. Kleiner
Citation:Michelle Gamba, Brian H. Kleiner, (2001) "The old boys’ network today", International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. 21 Iss: 8/9/10, pp.101 - 107
Keywords:Discrimination, Gender, Internet, Networking
Article type:General review
DOI:10.1108/01443330110789853 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Asks if the “old boy’s network” still exists today. Suggests that it does, but its power is less than it used to be. Proffers the idea of a new “old boy’s network” particularly in relation to the Internet industry, stating that, while younger and more hippy, it shares many similarities. Looks at the lack of women in senior positions and the male control of venture capital forms. Provides suggestions on how to fight this system including networking as women.

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