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Journal cover: Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management

ISSN: 1741-038X
Previously published as: Integrated Manufacturing Systems

Online from: 2004

Subject Area: Operations and Logistics Management

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An empirical study of facility layout using a modified SLP procedure

Document Information:
Title:An empirical study of facility layout using a modified SLP procedure
Author(s):Te-King Chien, (Associate Professor, Department of Information Management, National Huwei Institute of Technology, Yunlin, Republic of China)
Citation:Te-King Chien, (2004) "An empirical study of facility layout using a modified SLP procedure", Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, Vol. 15 Iss: 6, pp.455 - 465
Keywords:Design, Plant layout
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/17410380410547861 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Abstract:Although many new technologies have been developed in facilities design, the systematic layout planning (SLP) procedure is the most widely used among enterprises and the academic world. The practical applications in a traditional SLP require intricate steps yet their results lack stability. It is difficult to attain reasonable results from alternatives derived via traditional SLP. This study proposes concepts and algorithms such as grouping, compounding, and hypothetical distance to modify procedures and enhance practicality in traditional SLP. The proposed modifications were applied to a case study. The results were superior to solutions derived from computer software simulations and by supervisors of the case company. This study believes that the proposed modifications and procedures can enhance the enterprise's ability in facility design.

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