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Journal cover: European Journal of Marketing

European Journal of Marketing

ISSN: 0309-0566

Online from: 1967

Subject Area: Marketing

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Consumer ethics: a cross-cultural investigation

Document Information:
Title:Consumer ethics: a cross-cultural investigation
Author(s):Jamal A. Al-Khatib, (University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA), Scott J. Vitell, (University of Mississippi, Mississippi, USA), Mohammed Y.A. Rawwas, (University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA)
Citation:Jamal A. Al-Khatib, Scott J. Vitell, Mohammed Y.A. Rawwas, (1997) "Consumer ethics: a cross-cultural investigation", European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 31 Iss: 11/12, pp.750 - 767
Keywords:Consumer behaviour, Ethics, Globalization, International marketing
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/03090569710190514 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:In recent years, business ethics has drawn increased interest from business and marketing practitioners as well as from academicians. Despite the repeated call in the literature for cross-cultural research in this age of globalization, virtually no studies have examined the ethical beliefs and ideologies of foreign consumers and compared them to those of US consumers. Investigates the ethical beliefs, preferred ethical ideology and degree of Machiavellianism of US versus Egyptian consumers. Concludes that while US consumers appear generally less likely to accept various questionable consumer practices than Egyptian consumers, they are more likely to reject moral absolutes.

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