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Journal cover: Marketing Intelligence & Planning

Marketing Intelligence & Planning

ISSN: 0263-4503
Incorporates: Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science

Online from: 1983

Subject Area: Marketing

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The use and development of marketing information systems in Queensland, Australia

Document Information:
Title:The use and development of marketing information systems in Queensland, Australia
Author(s):Alan Buttery, (Foundation Professor of Management, Department of Management, James Cook University, North Queensland, Australia), Rick Tamaschke, (Reader, Graduate School of Management, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)
Citation:Alan Buttery, Rick Tamaschke, (1996) "The use and development of marketing information systems in Queensland, Australia", Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Vol. 14 Iss: 3, pp.29 - 35
Keywords:Australia, Marketing information systems, Systems development
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/02634509610117339 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Argues that a good marketing information system can make decision making more efficient and effective. It can be used to help create a competitive advantage, and can even substitute for expensive assets. Analyses data from a survey conducted by the authors in Queensland, Australia, and finds that even though SME managers recognize the value of marketing information systems, they have generally done little to develop them so far. This is true for services as well as other industry sectors. Identifies exceptions and outlines one example. Finds that this network of firms derives considerable benefits from its marketing information system. Concludes by presenting seven maxims for the development of a sound marketing information system.

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