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Journal cover: Journal of Services Marketing

Journal of Services Marketing

ISSN: 0887-6045

Online from: 1987

Subject Area: Marketing

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Consumer evaluations of goods and services: implications for services marketing

Document Information:
Title:Consumer evaluations of goods and services: implications for services marketing
Author(s):David E. Hartman, John H. Lindgren
Citation:David E. Hartman, John H. Lindgren, (1993) "Consumer evaluations of goods and services: implications for services marketing", Journal of Services Marketing, Vol. 7 Iss: 2, pp.4 - 15
Keywords:Consumer attitudes, Consumer marketing, Marketing research, Marketing strategy, Services marketing
DOI:10.1108/08876049310038364 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Maintains that many services marketing strategies have been based on four commonly accepted dimensions. Empirically tests these dimensions to determine if they are relevant for developing services marketing strategies in consumer markets. Shows that while they perceive significant differences between goods and services, they use evaluative dimensions that are somewhat different from those proposed by the services marketing literature. Concludes that consumer-driven strategies are more effective than strategies based on commonly accepted conceptual dimensions of services.

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