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Journal cover: Reference Services Review

Reference Services Review

ISSN: 0090-7324

Online from: 1973

Subject Area: Library and Information Studies

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Implementing a Cost Recovery System for Printing

Document Information:
Title:Implementing a Cost Recovery System for Printing
Author(s):Dale J. Vidmar, (Assistant professor and electronic resources coordinator, , Southern Oregon University Library, Ashland.), Marshall A. Berger, (User support analyst, , Southern Oregon University Library, Ashland.), Connie J. Anderson, (Associate professor and head of public services, Southern Oregon University Library, Ashland. , Southern Oregon University Library, Ashland.)
Citation:Dale J. Vidmar, Marshall A. Berger, Connie J. Anderson, (1997) "Implementing a Cost Recovery System for Printing", Reference Services Review, Vol. 25 Iss: 3/4, pp.97 - 101
Keywords:Cost accounting, Internet, Libraries, Printing, USA
Article type:Case study
DOI:10.1108/00907329710307237 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:The advent of Internet access, full-text online databases, and graphic user interfaces has vastly increased the amount of hard-copy information being supplied by today’s libraries. Individuals in both academic and non-academic libraries are retrieving ever-increasing amounts of online information. While the majority of libraries have been able to provide some form of electronic information, few libraries are prepared for the volume of printing that accompanies this new form of information access. Individuals without personal computers have little choice other than to print out what they find of interest online. Can a library’s decision to institute a fee for printing present a barrier to information? How does an institution implement a system to recover printing costs? In this article, the authors demonstrate one library’s attempt to provide solutions to these pressing issues.

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