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Management Research News

ISSN: 0140-9174
Currently published as: Management Research Review

Online from: 1978

Subject Area: Management Science/Management Studies

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African-American consumer attitudes toward domestic and foreign-made automobiles

Document Information:
Title:African-American consumer attitudes toward domestic and foreign-made automobiles
Author(s):Fred O. Ede, (Associate professor of marketing, Benedict College, Columbia, SC), Bhagaban Panigrahi, (Associate professor of marketing, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA)
Citation:Fred O. Ede, Bhagaban Panigrahi, (2000) "African-American consumer attitudes toward domestic and foreign-made automobiles", Management Research News, Vol. 23 Iss: 5/6, pp.1 - 19
Keywords:African-Americans, Cars, Consumer attitudes, Country of origin, Japan
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/01409170010816543 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Evaluates, empirically the attitude of African-American consumers towards US and Japanese made automobiles. Outlines the rationale and urgency for the study of this population, before looking at the hypotheses which are considered important both from a sociocultural and a managerial perspective. Presents the data and draws conclusions including the limitations of the study and outlines further research in the area.

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