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Journal cover: Health Education

Health Education

ISSN: 0965-4283

Online from: 1992

Subject Area: Health Care Management/Healthcare

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The Sensitive Subject of Personal Hygiene

Document Information:
Title:The Sensitive Subject of Personal Hygiene
Author(s):Joan Thornton, (Health Promotion Consultant and Trainer based in Newcastle upon Tyne.)
Citation:Joan Thornton, (1994) "The Sensitive Subject of Personal Hygiene", Health Education, Vol. 94 Iss: 5, pp.22 - 26
Keywords:Children, Education, Health, Hygiene, Schools
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/09654289410069601 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Describes a method for covering the issue of personal hygiene in a health education class. Emphasizes the sensitive approach required to tackle this subject with young people who may be embarrassed by severe acne, for example, or who do not have a bath or hot water at home. Provides a lesson outline and a true/false quiz on various aspects of personal hygiene.

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