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Journal cover: Personnel Review

Personnel Review

ISSN: 0048-3486

Online from: 1971

Subject Area: Human Resource Management

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Optimizing the Job-person Match with Computerized Human Resource Information Systems

Document Information:
Title:Optimizing the Job-person Match with Computerized Human Resource Information Systems
Author(s):Y. Paul Huo, (Department of Management and Systems, Washington State University), Jack Kearns, (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Washington, DC, USA)
Citation:Y. Paul Huo, Jack Kearns, (1992) "Optimizing the Job-person Match with Computerized Human Resource Information Systems", Personnel Review, Vol. 21 Iss: 2, pp.3 - 18
Keywords:Human resource planning, Manpower planning, Recruitment
DOI:10.1108/00483489210012017 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:On the basis of a review of the literature in human resource information systems (HRIS) and a diagnosis of some computerized placement systems used by large US corporations, identifies major problems in using computerized HRIS for internal staffing. Proposes a self-balancing staffing system, built around a rational screening procedure. This system, although it may be altered to fit various circumstances, can serve at least three purposes: (1) to fill an opening resulting from termination of the incumbent; (2) to update the candidate search criteria on the basis of changes in job definitions; and (3) to pursue system-wide optimization by periodically checking the fit between jobs and persons. Finally, explores some practical issues about how to integrate such an automated staffing system with manual ones and discusses the implications for future research.

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