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Journal cover: Team Performance Management

Team Performance Management

ISSN: 1352-7592

Online from: 1995

Subject Area: Performance Management and Measurement

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Global virtual teams: what impacts their design and performance?

Document Information:
Title:Global virtual teams: what impacts their design and performance?
Author(s):Krishna Prasad, (Krishna Prasad is Technical Member, Corporate EBusiness, DaimlerChrysler AG. Stuttgart, Germany.), K.B. Akhilesh, (K.B. Akhilesh is a Professor, Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.)
Citation:Krishna Prasad, K.B. Akhilesh, (2002) "Global virtual teams: what impacts their design and performance?", Team Performance Management, Vol. 8 Iss: 5/6, pp.102 - 112
Keywords:Globalization, Strategic management, Teams, Teamwork, Virtual organizations, Work design
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/13527590210442212 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:This paper examines the aspect of designing global virtual teams and the key factors that impact team design. Examines how design impacts team performance. Proposes a conceptual model for designing such teams to deliver optimal performance. The model contains four major elements: virtual team structure, strategic objectives, work characteristics and situational constraints. The impact of the last three elements on team structure and their relationship to team performance are examined. Proposes a multi-dimensional measure for virtual team structure, and considers how situational demands and performance constraints can impact team design. Highlights the fact that performance of teams too is multi-dimensional and design has to consider the tradeoff involved in these factors. Proposes that global virtual teams be designed with a holistic approach considering an optimal fit between the team structure and the key impacting factors like objectives, work characteristics and situational constraints to deliver performance.

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