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British Food Journal

ISSN: 0007-070X

Online from: 1899

Subject Area: Industry and Public Sector Management

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Purchasing motives and profile of the Greek organic consumer: a countrywide survey

Document Information:
Title:Purchasing motives and profile of the Greek organic consumer: a countrywide survey
Author(s):Christos Fotopoulos, (Department of Farm Management, University of Ioannina, Agrinio, Greece,), Athanasios Krystallis, (Agricultural Economics and Social Research Institute, Athens, Greece)
Citation:Christos Fotopoulos, Athanasios Krystallis, (2002) "Purchasing motives and profile of the Greek organic consumer: a countrywide survey", British Food Journal, Vol. 104 Iss: 9, pp.730 - 765
Keywords:Consumer behaviour, Greece, Motivation, Organic food, Purchasing
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/00070700210443110 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:The present study attempts to offer more insights into the Greek organic market. It examines the organic products as “eco-products”, suitable for “green” consumers, who are ecologically/environmentally ecology-aware and who are concerned with health and quality-of-life issues. Analysing a countrywide sample, the survey concludes that three consumer types exist in terms of attitude towards, purchase intention and awareness of organic products: the “unaware”, the “aware non-buyers”, and the “(aware) buyers” (or simply buyers) of organic food products. After developing a detailed profile of the first two, the “aware buyers” type is segmented in terms of five groups of personality and behavioural factors, defined in the international literature as the driving forces of organic purchasing.

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