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Journal cover: Strategic Direction

Strategic Direction

ISSN: 0258-0543

Online from: 2002

Subject Area: Strategy

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A strong corporate identity cuts two ways: Who do you think you are?

Document Information:
Title:A strong corporate identity cuts two ways: Who do you think you are?
Source:Strategic Direction, Vol. 25 Iss: 10
pp:5 - 8
Keywords:Corporate identity, Organizational Change, Photography
Article type:General review
DOI:10.1108/02580540910992989 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited

PurposeReviews the latest management developments across the globe and pinpoints practical implications from cutting-edge research and case studies.

Design/methodology/approachThis briefing is prepared by an independent writer who adds their own impartial comments and places the articles in context.

FindingsFor many years, Gillette benefited from its close association with England's first one-day cricket competition. Eventually, however, the American company withdrew its support and a new sponsor was brought in. Quite simply, the Gillette Cup was so entrenched as the competition's name that people were no longer identifying the sponsor with the product.

Originality/valueThe briefing saves busy executives and researchers hours of reading time by selecting only the very best, most pertinent information and presenting it in a condensed and easy-to digest format.

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