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Journal cover: Journal of Managerial Psychology

Journal of Managerial Psychology

ISSN: 0268-3946

Online from: 1986

Subject Area: Human Resource Management

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Table of contents:
Volume 29 issue 4 - Latest Issue

Published: 2014
Special Issue: Understanding Ethnic Privilege and Power at Work, Organizations and Management

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17109791 Icon: Earlycite.Guest Editorial: Tackling whiteness in organizations and management
Akram Al Ariss, Mustafa Ozbilgin, Ahu Tatli, Kurt April
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17109816 Icon: Earlycite.Whiteness, ethnic privilege and migration: a Bourdieuian framework
Barbara Samaluk
Article type: Research paper
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17109814 Icon: Earlycite.The historical origins of ethnic (white) privilege in U.S. organizations
Stella Nkomo, Akram Al Ariss
Article type: Viewpoint
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17109786 Icon: Earlycite.Whiteness of a name: Is "white" the baseline?
John Cotton, Bonnie S. O'Neill, Andrea E.C. Griffin
Article type: Research paper
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17109807 Icon: Earlycite.Experiencing privilege at ethnic, gender and senior intersections
Doyin Atewologun, Ruth Sealy
Article type: Research paper
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17109830 Icon: Earlycite.Analyzing promotions of racial/ethnic minority CEOs
Alison Cook, Christy M. Glass
Article type: Research paper
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