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Journal cover: International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance

International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance

ISSN: 0952-6862

Online from: 1988

Subject Area: Health Care Management/Healthcare

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Table of contents:
Volume 25 issue 6

Published: 2012, Start page: p467

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17042329 Interpersonal factors affecting communication in clinical consultations: Canadian physicians' perspectives
Brenda L. Lovell, Raymond T. Lee, Celeste M. Brotheridge (pp. 467 - 482)
Keywords: Canada, Clinical risk management, Organizational performance, Patient safety, Quality assessment, Quality improvement, Risk management
Article type: Research paper
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17042330 Impact of a novel training experience on the development of a customer service culture in a large hospital trust
Lesley-Jane Eales-Reynolds, Colin Clarke (pp. 483 - 497)
Keywords: Customer services quality, Customers, Hospitals, National Health Trusts, Organizational change, Quality frameworks, Training
Article type: Research paper
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17042331 Implementation of a quality management system according to 9001 standard in a hospital in the home unit: Changes and achievements
Matilde Rodríguez-Cerrillo, Eddita Fernández-Díaz, Amaia Iñurrieta-Romero, Ana Poza-Montoro (pp. 498 - 508)
Keywords: Hospital in the Home, Hospitals, ISO 9000 series, ISO standard, Patient care, Quality care, Spain
Article type: Research paper
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17042332 Therapeutic equivalent substitute that is new or unfamiliar to the chronic patient may result in medication error
Uri Gabbay, Noga Yosef, Neta Feder-Krengel, Joseph Meyerovitch (pp. 509 - 518)
Keywords: Generic market, Generics, Medication confusion, Medications error, Medications mistakes, Medicines, Misidentification, Risk, Risk analysis, Substitute, Therapeutic equivalent
Article type: Research paper
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17042333 Testing linen disinfection procedures in practice with phage-charged-bioindicators
Anja Gerhardts, Helmut Mucha, Dirk Höfer (pp. 519 - 531)
Keywords: Application in practice, Bioindicator, Chemical technology equipment, Cleaning, Disinfecting laundry processes, Hospitals, Infection control, Laundry hygiene, Sterilization (hygiene), Surrogate virus MS2, Viruses
Article type: Research paper
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17042334 Uncovering the common ground in qualitative inquiry: Combining quality improvement and phenomenology in clinical nursing research
Janice Gullick, Sandra West (pp. 532 - 548)
Keywords: Nursing, Nursing quality, Patient care, Patient centredness, Patient perception, Phenomenology, Qualitative research, Quality assessment
Article type: Conceptual paper
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News and views

17042336 WHO - More evidence and better diagnostics needed before redefining severe forms of drug-resistant TB
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17042337 Canada - Medical isotopes possible without a nuclear reactor
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17042339 United States of America - The path to personalized cancer treatment
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17042340 China - Diseases threatening China’s economic growth
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17042341 Australia - Australian dementia research is falling behind
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17042342 New Zealand - The New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine (NZCPHM) advocates spending less on health care
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17042343 Scotland - New MRSA bacteria test developed By Edinburgh University scientists
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17042344 Spain - Cheap device "reduces premature births"
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17042345 United Kingdom - Pharmacy screening pilot scrapped as patients prefer to see GPs
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17042346 Dubai - Dubai hospitals given deadline oo meet global standards
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17042347 Saudi Arabia - Health minister launches formulary
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17042348 Nigeria - Vitamin A fortification: Nigeria scores over 80 per cent
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17042335 Editorial
Kay Downey-Ennis
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