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Journal cover: Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

Soldering & Surface Mount Technology

ISSN: 0954-0911

Online from: 1989

Subject Area: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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DEK received order at Productronica 2011 for Horizon 03iX printing platform from Ortana

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Article citation: , (2012) "DEK received order at Productronica 2011 for Horizon 03iX printing platform from Ortana", Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Vol. 24 Iss: 3, pp. -



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Article Type: Industry news From: Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, Volume 24, Issue 3

DEK has signed an agreement with global transport and public information solution provider, Ortana, for its Horizon 03iX printing platform. The order for the print platform was finalized at Productronica 2011 in Munich.

Ortana will be using the machine to produce a variety of materials, including traffic signs, message signs and speed warnings. The company believes the Horizon 03iX platform will enhance production quality, while the Hawkeye Bridging options will help reach higher printing quality standards with greater reliability. The Horizon 03iX platform reduces the instances of defective boards produced and thus reduces wastage arising during the process.

In addition to the benefits offered by the DEK print platform, Ortana was extremely reassured by the service and support options provided by DEK distributer Esman Electronik, who have service engineers close at hand.

About DEK

DEK is a global provider of advanced materials deposition technologies and support solutions including printing equipment platforms, stencils, precision screens and mass imaging processes used across a wide range of applications in electronics pre-placement subassembly, semiconductor wafer manufacture, and alternative energy component production. For more information, visit DEK at: