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Journal cover: Journal of Educational Administration

Journal of Educational Administration

ISSN: 0957-8234

Online from: 1963

Subject Area: Education

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Article citation: A. Ross Thomas, (2009) "Editorial", Journal of Educational Administration, Vol. 47 Iss: 3, pp. -



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Article Type: Editorial From: Journal of Educational Administration, Volume 47, Issue 3

Hitherto, it has not been my practice to contribute an Editorial to a special or thematic issue of the journal. That task, subsumed in an introductory paper, is customarily the responsibility of the Guest Editor. On this occasion, however, I venture to contribute a brief comment or foreword.

I am particularly pleased to identify with this special issue – “Building high quality schools for learners and communities” – and especially, to have been associated with its Guest Editor, Cynthia Uline. Cynthia, the Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University, is the Director of the National Centre for the Twenty-first Century Schoolhouse. Thus, her expertise and leadership in the domain of building better schools have equipped her admirably for the preparation of this special issue of the journal. She is also a member of the journal’s Editorial Advisory Board.

She has assembled a most impressive contingent of contributing authors whose papers herein reflect not only their own interest and expertise, but also effort and dedication in communication, discussion, and critique at individual level and also collectively via participation by some in a dedicated symposium during the Annual Meeting of AERA in Chicago in March 2007.

The theme of this special issue is not one that is readily encountered in the leading generalist journals in educational administration and leadership. This is unfortunate – most unfortunate – because, as the papers herein readily attest, “building high quality schools” is an essential component in improving education.

As long-time Editor of the journal, I have encouraged contributions appropriate to our current theme but my efforts have not been particularly productive. The number of such papers published in this journal is quite limited. Nevertheless, at least three deserve acknowledgement. Hoyle (1977), for example, contributed a paper on the organizational and special characteristics of urban learning environments; Smith and Bradley (1994) investigated the influence of thermal conditions on teachers’ work and student performance and Tanner (2000) considered the influence of school architecture on academic achievement. It is particularly pleasing to welcome Tanner “back” to the journal – he has contributed to this special issue.

I reiterate my pleasure in seeing the publication of this special issue of the Journal of Educational Administration. I extend my thanks to all contributors and, especially, to the Guest Editor who has been so ably assisted in all stages of production by Thomas DeVere Wolsey.

I commend this thematic issue to all journal readers.

A. Ross Thomas


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Smith, R. and Bradley, G. (1994), “The influence of thermal conditions on teachers’ work and student performance”, Journal of Educational Administration, Vol. 32 No. 1, pp. 34–42
Tanner, C.T. (2000), “The influence of school architecture on academic achievement”, Journal of Educational Administration, Vol. 38 No. 4, pp. 309–30

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