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Journal cover: Empowerment in Organizations

Empowerment in Organizations

ISSN: 0968-4891
Currently published as: Participation and Empowerment: An International Journal

Online from: 1993

Subject Area: Organization Studies

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Creating new futures in turbulent times

Document Information:
Title:Creating new futures in turbulent times
Author(s):Cheryl Alexander, (CEO, Alexander & Company, Plymouth, MN, USA)
Citation:Cheryl Alexander, (1998) "Creating new futures in turbulent times", Empowerment in Organizations, Vol. 6 Iss: 8, pp.201 - 209
Keywords:Career development, Empowerment, Individual behaviour, Organizational change, Responsibility
Article type:Viewpoint
DOI:10.1108/14634449810246860 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Argues from the point of view of the executive search professional that in this era of the global economy, individuals in the workplace should think proactively about their skills sets and experiences. Suggests that an awareness of the changing world of work and a proactive approach will enable individuals to be more flexible in meeting demands from the marketplace. Argues that in order to survive and flourish in the face of rapid organizational change, individuals will need to demonstrate an entrepreneurial attitude and a willingness to take risks. Proposes a number of ways in which individuals may begin to adopt this entrepreneurial attitude and take increasing responsibility for their own work lives.

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