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Auto industry evolution: our second special issue of 2003

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Article citation: Robert M. Randall, (2003) "Auto industry evolution: our second special issue of 2003", Strategy & Leadership, Vol. 31 Iss: 4, pp. -



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Article Type: Editor's letter From: Strategy & Leadership, Volume 31, Issue 4.

Auto industry evolution: our second special issue of 2003

We proudly present our second special issue this year: "The ongoing evolution of the world auto industry innovative strategies, new business models''. The issue looks at the world auto industry in transformation from the perspectives of four sets of veteran consultants who follow it closely. This is a feast of information and insights for readers who want to learn more about the industry. But there is also a wealth of new ideas here that are highly relevant to other industries. Some examples:

Though it is not about the auto industry, the final article in this issue, "What strategic investments should you make during a recession to gain competitive advantage in the recovery?'' is noteworthy for a number of reasons. For one, it is timely. For another, its research-based advice cuts through the current fog of economic uncertainty: "In a recession, dare to invest aggressively in marketing, innovation and customer quality''. The author, Keith Roberts first joined PIMS (Profit Impact of Market Strategy) in its US office in 1979 and was responsible for the development of many of the benchmarking models the company pioneered. Now that PIMS is a European firm, he is based in London.

Finally, the multi-talented S&L contributing editor, Alistair Davidson, deserves a round of applause for the close up photographs of autos that illustrate this special issue. The full range of his photo hobby can be seen on his Web page (, which also has links to his recent management whitepapers.

Robert M. Randall