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Journal cover: Journal of Management History (Archive)

Journal of Management History (Archive)

ISSN: 1355-252X
Merged into: Management Decision

Online from: 1995

Subject Area: Management Science/Management Studies

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Table of contents:
Volume 5 issue 4

Published: 1999, Start page: p183
Special Issue: History and Public Policy
Guest editor(s): Professor S S Nagel

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871954 Political policy: president and parliament in Zambia
Stanley Bach (pp. 183 - 198)
Keywords: Elections, Politics, Zambia
Article type: Viewpoint
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871955 International policy: the Cuban missile crisis
Stephen J. Cimbala (pp. 199 - 222)
Keywords: Crises, Strategy, USA, War
Article type: Viewpoint
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Special Issue

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1486035 History and Public Policy
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