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Journal cover: Rapid Prototyping Journal

Rapid Prototyping Journal

ISSN: 1355-2546

Online from: 1995

Subject Area: Mechanical & Materials Engineering

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Table of contents:
Volume 20 issue 3 - Latest Issue

Published: 2014

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17107458 Icon: Earlycite.Editorial
R. Ian Campbell
Article type: Viewpoint
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17107442 Icon: Earlycite.The influence of support base on FDM accuracy in Z
Neri Volpato, José Aguiomar Foggiatto, Daniel Coradini Schwarz
Article type: Research paper
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17107441 Icon: Earlycite.A review of melt extrusion additive manufacturing processes: I. Process design and modeling
Brian N. Turner, Robert Strong, Scott A Gold
Article type: Literature review
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17107416 Icon: Earlycite.Comparative evaluation of an open source FDM system
Wayne M. Johnson, Matthew Rowell, Bill Deason, Malik Eubanks
Article type: Research paper
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17107457 Icon: Earlycite.Investigations for statistically controlled investment casting solution of FDM based ABS replicas
Rupinder Singh, Gurwinder Singh
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17107413 Icon: Earlycite.Deposition direction dependent failure criteria for FDM polycarbonate
Nevin Hill, Mehrdad Haghi
Article type: Research paper
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17107454 Icon: Earlycite.Experimental investigation of FDM process for improvement of mechanical properties and production cost
Ismail Durgun, Rukiye Ertan
Article type: Research paper
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17107438 Icon: Earlycite.Multi-material, multi-technology FDM: exploring build process variations
David Espalin, Jorge Alberto Ramirez, Francisco Medina, Ryan Wicker
Article type: Research paper
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17107448 Icon: Earlycite.BeamMaker: an open hardware high resolution digital fabricator for the masses
Ariel Calderon, James Griffin, Juan Cristobal Zagal
Article type: Research paper
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17107444 Icon: Earlycite.Basics and applications of rapid prototyping medical models
Sushant Negi, Suresh Dhiman, Rajesh Kumar Sharma
Article type: General review
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