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Journal cover: Antidote, The

Antidote, The

ISSN: 1363-8483
Merged into: Strategy & Leadership

Online from: 1996

Subject Area: Strategy

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From just good housekeeping to sourcing as a real strategic issue

Document Information:
Title:From just good housekeeping to sourcing as a real strategic issue
Author(s):Kippenberger, T
Citation:Kippenberger, T, (1997) "From just good housekeeping to sourcing as a real strategic issue", Antidote, The, Vol. 2 Iss: 6, pp.24 - 25
Keywords:Outsourcing, Sourcing, Strategic management
Article type:Conceptual Paper
DOI:10.1108/EUM0000000006442 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:Declares that many outsourcing decisions are taken on a straightforward value-for-money basis and itemizes these are such as: security; office cleaning; printing and travel arrangements, which are generally all handled better by specialist external sources. Indicates that only a short time ago activities regarded as an indispensable part of internal corporate services now seem to be ripe for outsourcing. States also sourcing rather than outsourcing may be the key to success at the strategic level.

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