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ISSN: 1463-6697

Online from: 1999

Subject Area: Industry and Public Sector Management

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Unleashing innovation: making the FCC user-friendly

Document Information:
Title:Unleashing innovation: making the FCC user-friendly
Author(s):Stephen J. Lukasik, (Based at the Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy, The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Citation:Stephen J. Lukasik, (2009) "Unleashing innovation: making the FCC user-friendly", info, Vol. 11 Iss: 5, pp.76 - 85
Keywords:Government policy, Regulation, Telecommunications, United States of America
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/14636690910989342 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Acknowledgements:Received 13 September 2008. Revised 20 March 2009. Accepted 31 May 2009. An earlier version of this paper was presented at The Genesis of Unlicensed Wireless Policy: An Information Economy Project Conference, April 4, 2008, George Mason University School of Law.

PurposeThis paper aims to describe a case study of the FCC, dealing with relieving the tension between technical innovation and the regulation of applications of technology.

Design/methodology/approachThe author's experience as Chief Scientist of the FCC is used to show how the innovations of the information age were accommodated under the procedures governing the regulation of communications.

FindingsThe success of the rapid introduction of digital information technology and networking, replacing analog telephony and inflexible technical rules governing the use of the electromagnetic spectrum, resulted from relatively minor modifications in staffing of a technical planning office lacking currency with the innovations in the technology supporting the communication and broadcasting industries. The support of the chairman, the commissioners, and their confidence in the leadership of the office were critical to success.

Originality/valueLeading a regulatory agency to helping rather than hindering progress speaks for itself.

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