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Journal cover: Journal of Children's Services

Journal of Children's Services

ISSN: 1746-6660

Online from: 2006

Subject Area: Health and Social Care

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Table of contents:
Volume 6 issue 3

Published: 2011, Start page: p141

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1954435 A pilot study of the Incredible Years BASIC parenting programme with bereaved families
Hannah-Jane Braiden, Benny McDaniel, Joseph Duffy, Monica McCann (pp. 141 - 155)
Keywords: Adaptation, Behaviour, Bereavement, Child behaviour, Incredible Years programme
Article type: Research paper
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1954597 Conceptualising care for childhood obesity: a three-world view
Keeley J. Pratt, Angela L. Lamson, Suzanne Lazorick, Carmel Parker White, David N. Collier, Mark B. White, Melvin S. Swanson (pp. 156 - 171)
Keywords: Childhood obesity, Integrated care, Multidisciplinary collaboration, Obesity, Paediatrics, Pediatric obesity
Article type: Conceptual paper
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1954673 Devolution and change since the Children Act 1989: new directions in Wales
Andrew Pithouse (pp. 172 - 185)
Keywords: Children Act 1989, Children's services, Devolution, UK regions, Wales
Article type: General review
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1954645 Designing effective interventions for working parents: a web-based survey of parents in the UK workforce
Matthew R. Sanders, Divna M. Haslam, Rachel Calam, Clare Southwell, Helen M. Stallman (pp. 186 - 200)
Keywords: Consumer preferences, Employee preferences, Parenting interventions, Parents, Quality of life, Work and family conflict, Work-family balance, Working parents
Article type: Research paper
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Book Review

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1954555 Thinking Globally Acting Locally: A Personal Journey
Michael Power
pp. 201 - 201
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1954447 Calling all radicals
Nick Axford, Michael Little
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