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Journal cover: International Journal of Lean Six Sigma

International Journal of Lean Six Sigma

ISSN: 2040-4166

Online from: 2010

Subject Area: Managing Quality

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Table of contents:
Volume 5 issue 2 - Latest Issue

Published: 2014

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17109628 Icon: Earlycite.Exploring barriers in lean implementation
Jagdish Rajaram Jadhav, S. S. Mantha, Santosh B. Rane
Article type: General review
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17109805 Icon: Earlycite.Six Sigma methods applied in an injection moulding company
Werner Timans, Kees Ahaus, Jiju Antony
Article type: Case study
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17109635 Icon: Earlycite.Optimizing backup power systems through Six Sigma: An Indian case study of Diesel Genset
Bikram Jit Singh, Yash Bakshi
Article type: Case study
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17109627 Icon: Earlycite.Application of Six Sigma methodology in a small scale foundry industry
Gijo EV, Shreeranga Bhat, Jnanesh N.A.
Article type: Case study
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17109631 Icon: Earlycite.A study on how to improve the throughput time of Lean Six Sigma projects in a construction company
Aat van den Bos, Benjamin Kemper, Vincent de Waal
Article type: Research paper
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