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Journal cover: Sensor Review

Sensor Review

ISSN: 0260-2288

Online from: 1981

Subject Area: Electrical & Electronic Engineering

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Thin flexible pressure sensors

Document Information:
Title:Thin flexible pressure sensors
Author(s):C.M.A. Ashruf, (independent technology consultant, working in the fields of electronic instrumentation and micro-electromechanical systems, based in Den Hoorn, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 6 48 33 51 87; E-mail:;
Citation:C.M.A. Ashruf, (2002) "Thin flexible pressure sensors", Sensor Review, Vol. 22 Iss: 4, pp.322 - 327
Keywords:Measurement, Sensors
Article type:Technical paper
DOI:10.1108/02602280210444636 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:MCB UP Ltd
Abstract:This article gives an overview on the currently available techniques for the measurement of interface pressure or force between (soft) objects. These techniques make use of single sensor elements as well as integrated arrays of sensors to obtain pressure maps. Most of these devices originate from biomedical applications such as the evaluation of wheelchairs and the prevention of pressure ulcers in hospital beds. Today, these technologies are used in a wide range of applications such as computer peripherals, robotics, automotive systems and consumer electronics. These typical applications are considered in the first section. Next, the sensor technologies (and their suppliers) are briefly described and compared. The list of suppliers and technologies is intended as an overview and may not be complete. Finally, new developments in this field are discussed.

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